Non sum gallopavo!
( I am not a turkey)

Here we are in Latin class at Kellam High School, amusing ourselves. I was inspired by Mrs. Tayon's 2nd grade class at Woodstock Elementary, and the fine job they did disguising their turkey's so we gave it a go at Kellam...Roman style.

The assignment was to disguise the trukey as a mythological character, they could not use any words, but the turkey was supposed to be easily recognizable by the attributes of the character...the youth did a great job.

gallopavo8.jpegThe Turkey as Neptune and Mars courtesy of Jonathan, Hector and Robertus
gallopavo7.jpegThe turkey as Juno ( by our lovely Livia who is hiding her face, but she should be proud of her efforts!) ,the turkey as Cerberus by Cat, and Germanicus with his depiction of Vulcan. Matteus and Drusus are too shy to show their turkeys...sigh.gallopavo6.jpegFrom left to right:
Front row: Sarah with her turkey as Gaia, Lucretia with her Turkey as Apollo ( the raven is a good detail), Jennifer with Pluto ( he;s under the wordl...UNDERWORLD..get it?) and Miss Smith with her lovely peacock symbolizing Juno.
Back Row: Sean with a Cyclops, Evan with a creation that he can't remember and is beyond me, but it is very colorful and Brutus with a turkey that may or may not be Neptune...I have no idea.
gallopavo3.jpgHere is the other class who did an equally impressive job...we have all kinds of turkeys...Io, Arachne, Apollo, and Gaia to name a few. Great job, juvenes!
gallopavo2.jpgWe have no idea what Brutus' turkey is supposed to be, but it has a lot of detail, including a hood that looks like an executioner's mask and a key that he says is symbolic of Diana's chastity( if you say so...). Rufus's Apollo is good,and the chariot is a nice touch,,,I love the gemina's Aracne, and Regina's Gaia is great. Livia and Christian are filling out the back row with their creations.
We took more pictures, but, sadly, they were too blurry.
A magna gratia to Matteus et Victor for allowing me to use their phones.
We hope you like them!
Cum amicitia( with friendship),
Mrs. Marsh's Latin 1 and 2 classes
Kellam HS