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Catullus 51

Catullus 51

Justin Timberlake channels Catullus
he IS bringing sexy back, and those other boys DON"T know how to act!

This is a picture of George Harrison ( the Beatle) and his former wife, Pattie Boyd.
This is a song written about her:Layla/ Eric Clapton
Notably, her name is not Layla, and Eric Clapton was not her least not yet.
What is the point? Artists who have affairs with married women still use pseudonyms ala our Catullus and his beloved Lesbia/Cloda.

our friends at oxford explain the last stanza to us

Catullus 5catullus 5 text
a passionate kissoohlala an illicit kiss
analysis catullus 5

nobis cum semel occidit brevis lux

dr tarrant at harvard catullus 5 reading

lyric poetry is in fact, lyrical

hendecasyllabic meter

I just want your extra time and your....kiss

Catullus 86

Why are there two word studies? I have no idea.

Catullus 70

Catillus 83

Let's iterate the rules of scansion. Here is another good source:

rules of scansion

Catullus 72

Catullus 85 odi et amo
our friends at Middlebury explain this thus